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Franchise Program

WeightWonder™ Franchise program has been started to leverage and spread its scientific weight loss innovation throughout the globe. We are currently looking to franchise WeightWonder™ pan India in A-class and B-class cities. We provide a truly working business model with the scope of an exponential growth rate and keep helping our franchises to excel. Our global operational model is based on easy to use web based information management tools which proves itself to be handy for knowledge sharing, data management, record keeping, problem tracking and quality control. Our team keeps personally track of both the business and technical aspects of our partners’ businesses.
Our system offers a great business opportunity for all success-oriented people, including sales professionals, business managers, health care professionals, health club and fitness enthusiasts – anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.
We congratulate and welcome you with open arms to join the brightest and most reliable brand in the brightest business sector i.e. Anti-Obesity Industry.

  • Uniqueness: WeightWonder™ is a unique scientific weight loss therapy and is incomparable to any other brand due to its secret formulation.
  • Brand: WeightWonder™ has evolved rapidly in the market of weight loss and created its buzz in a very short time span. The brand is spread by the people and thus known well in the ground market and over the Internet as well.

Wonder Facts & Figures about market

  • In Urban India, 30-50% of population is victim of Obesity.
  • 40-70% population is victim of Abdominal Obesity.
  • Weight loss & fitness market size is evaluated over a whooping 5,000 crores INR in India. This number is growing by around 38% each year.
  • India spent around Rs. 15 crores on weight loss & fitness today and will spend a little more tomorrow.

Benefits/Advantages to Franchisee

  • The Trade Secret: WeightWonder™ constitutes of our secret innovative homeopathic formulation being manufactured and imported from the U.S. and the no less than world class service based on our easy instructions and knowledge base.
  • Proven history of success: We have more than 95% success rate till date and their case studies available to study.
  • Start up Assistance: We provide all the start up assistance right from the business plan up to the interiors, design and branding for a grand opening. Our team of experts suggests you in spending feasible amount of money on various heads through our experience.
  • Strong Ongoing Support: After the start up, we keep helping you in operations, troubleshooting and technicalities as well to get best out of the market. Customer satisfaction happens to be our main forte.
  • Comprehensive Training: We train and educate our franchise for ultimate success in business.
  • State-of-the-art Marketing: Marketing & branding system that provides advertising and promotional materials online
  • Outstanding Profit Potential: With a projected ROI of around 70% and payback within 18 months, WeightWonder™ shows a great profit potential.
  • Low Start up Costs: Starting with an investment of 5-7 Lacs INR, its an affordable yet lucrative business opportunity.
  • Low Operating Costs: Operating costs being low makes our model almost risk free.
  • Growth Plan: Apart from the fact that the market size keeps growing every year by around 38%, we have a definite plan of growth which keeps improving day by day by collaboration and increasing experience in exponential manner.
  • Future Diversions: Einstein Aura has plans to diverse soon in the health care business spectrum with innovative and scientific products in diabetes, weight gain and thyroid etc. Becoming a part of the next innovations will be easy and extra privileged for the existing franchises.
  • Social Responsibility & Image: Apart from doing an awesome profit making business, our franchise partners will be working towards a really required noble cause. By joining us you’ll be fighting the upcoming biggest health problems of India like obesity and diabetes and you wont become just an entrepreneur but a Social Entrepreneur.

The Product

WeightWonder™ is a breakthrough scientific program for weight loss and has got an immense success in a very short time span due to its mind blowing and consistent results. It is now well known for its natural therapy and permanent, safe & sure results. Results are as mind boggling as up to 12 kg of weight loss in just 21 days. It is completely a clinical therapy and done in supervision of physicians. It is effective & safe even for complex obesity and patients of diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, High Blood Pressure & Heart Problems etc.

  • Innovation: WeightWonder™ program is an innovation by its founders and has delivered unbelievable results consistently. The process is completely unique and no other service provider has the secret formulations we implement during the program.
  • USP: Quick & Sure Results, Permanent & Scientific Weight loss, No side effects, No Exercise required, No Crash Dieting.
  • Results: Unbelievably makes one lose actual fat based weight and achieve target weight in just 21 days.
  • Market Response: Without any advertisement, in its first 3 months it has served 50+ successful cases all by only references. Once a client at WeightWonder™, becomes a brand ambassador and promotes it in their social circle without any personal incentive.
  • Growth Rate: Till date we have experienced more than 30% growth in clientele` every month exponentially. The concept, innovation and our business strategies makes it spread its buzz in a viral manner by itself.

Franchise Opportunity

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Franchise Overview

  • ROI Expected: 70%+
  • Break Even Expected: within 6 months
  • Payback Expected: within 18 months
  • Area: 400-600 sq. ft. carpet area.
  • Franchise term: 4 years.
  • Available for cities: A-class & B-class.


  • Investment Range: Starting with just 10 Lacs INR.
  • Carpet area of 400 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. for clinic.
  • Infrastructure requirement as per our specification.

Franchise Territories

Franchise Outlets proposed:

●     A-1 Class Cities: Up to 12 Franchises maximum

●     A Class Cities: Up to 8 Franchises maximum

●     B-1 Class Cities: Up to 5 Franchises maximum

●     B-2 Class Cities: Up to 4 Franchises maximum

●     C Class Cities: None

Professional & Technical Support

  • Planning & Budgeting: Einstein Aura provides a projected business plan and suggestions required on the budgeting part.
  • Advertising & Marketing: Einstein Aura has devised time tested marketing strategies in this function. It offers guidance to its partners for effective marketing and promotions of services. Creative ads, promotional materials and public relations concepts are provided.
  • Information Management: Internet technology with operations, sales and lead generation 24 hours a day
  • Site Selection: This is the first step after signing the agreement and depositing the franchise fee amount. The sites are chosen with lot of care and with adherence to the guidelines provided by Einstein Aura. We approve the site after a physical inspection or by simply going through the description provided by the partner.
  • Project Development: With the initial decision taken i.e. the site being finalised, Einstein Aura provides the design layout for the center. Einstein Aura also provides complete Project Implementation Guidelines for the development of the site.
  • Staff Recruitment: The efficiency of the staff determines the quality of service provided. Einstein Aura’s team of experts assists in the final interviews of the short listed candidates.
  • Staff Training: WeightWonder™ has a reputation for a certain standard of service. To ensure adherence to these high quality standards, it provides the initial training free of cost to the selected staff of the franchise on its products, services, center operations, client handling, sales and marketing.
  • Centre Launch: The launch decides the future of the center. Einstein Aura guides the partner to launch the unit with appropriate marketing strategies and implementation plan. Designs are also provided to the franchise.
  • Equipments: Einstein Aura provides help in selecting suitable equipments & vendors through its experience to maintain good results and keep the customer satisfaction level high.
  • Operational Support: Einstein Aura supports the franchisees in even their cases by suggestions and time to time trainings by experts. Every case study is maintained online to centralise data and keep in touch.
  • Medical Supervision: to monitor our weight loss programs and help our franchise partners and deal with tough cases.
  • Quality Control: Einstein Aura has stringent quality control norms. These are maintained by a team of experts which include physicians, dieticians and other technical staff. This helps the franchise to maintain customer’s expectations.


Is WeightWonder™ Franchise suitable for me?

If you want to earn more and grow exponentially, you don’t have a very heavy bag full of cash to start with, you want to jump into the most happening and promising area of service i.e. health care, you are ambitious, you want to work on a great cause yet earn much better than average businesses, WeightWonder™ franchise is a great opportunity for you.

How is the market response?

WeightWonder™ is the super innovative weight loss program which is delivering mind blowing results and people are getting amazed about it. Till now every benefited client at WeightWonder™ has brought us at least 3 clients on an average in the very first month after the program. Every client who has completed the program and is benefited becomes your brand ambassador by its own.

What kind of marketing & operational support will I get?

We support our Franchise Partners in online, print, social media and other media marketing means as well as operations by using automated systems and expert workforce.

Will there be any technical & professional(medical) support?

Yes, We even help technically and medically in specific cases if required. Apart from that, we keep in touch with your technical staff to solve any query or help in any manners.

What kind of profit potential is there?

Tremendous. Low investment, Low operating cost and very high profit potential.

What are the future prospects?

Einstein Aura is going to diverse soon in health care spaces and our next programs will be in diabetes, weight gain and thyroid etc. Innovations will keep coming and for existing franchises it would be very easier to start with them.

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