$wpsc_version = 169; Lose the weight after pregnancy : Real mother tells you how WeightWonder™

Losing “pregnancy weight” is something every “new mom” desires for but due to her numerous add on responsibilities alongwith other household chores becomes next to impossible to achieve their desired or pre-pregnancy physique. WeightWonder programme provides them a unique way to push down their excessive weight without compromising any of their mandatory schedules. Its a blessing for all new mothers to get into shape again and recover from all their physiological irregularities due to excessive weight and beat all your emotional insecurities which comes along with it. 


Amrita , a young mother, a teacher by profession, baker by passion,  was struggling to lose weight. But no change in Amrita’s weight because  after pregnancy Amrita’s weight increased day by day. Amrita’s weight stats changed completely after pregnancy. One day her daughter  says mom you are looking fat. That time Amrita felt bad and she thought to lose weight. She tried so many things to reduce her weight. She didn’t find the way to reduce post pregnancy weight. Then her father suggested WeightWonder programme and on his recommendation, Amrita  joined WeightWonder and the rest is history. She lost 30.7 kgs (102.2kgs -71.5 kgs) in 12 week. She must say, it’s a life-changing transformation. During the programme, they taught the importance of nutrients which makes really easy to maintain the weight and health post programme too. 

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