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Strawberry season in India are October-November and April-May. In India, 85% of all the strawberries are produced in Mahabaleshwar.
Mahabaleshwar Strawberries are one delicious and healthy fruit that has many health benefits. Regular consumption of strawberry helps lose weight in long term.

Weight Loss Effects

Strawberries for slimmingStrawberries are rich in antioxidants (like ellagic acids & anthocyanin). These natural antioxidants help your body release hormones which increase your metabolism. Increased metabolism makes your body utilise your fat store and reduces your appetite.

Try organic Mahabaleshwar strawberries for the best effects. You can enjoy strawberries in form of hundreds of recipes. You can eat raw, with cream, bake them, crush them or make shakes. Strawberries are delicious and healthy.

Do not expect a miracle though, strawberries help you stay fit or even lose some pounds but it’s a slow process.

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