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Dieting is starving

Dieting is all about taking right food elements in adequate quantities. Dieting is not starving or eating less than your requirements.
Starving a.k.a. Crash dieting is always harmful for your body in all aspects. Majority of us believe that eating less leads to weight loss while it’s other way round. If you end up eating less calories than your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), your body goes into starvation state. Whatever you eat, your body creates fat reservoir and you get less energy from food.
WeightWonder programs are scientific diet programs designed keeping the above facts in mind. During these programs, you eat as per your body’s requirements. You feel full of energy, have peaceful and relaxing sleep and you keep losing 200-800 grams of fat daily.

Working out is better than dieting

Working out is good and you must work out. But the thought of working out for weight loss is lame.
There are so many methods of losing weight and many out of them actually work. The questions are, are they safe? are they effective?are they quick? are the results permanent?
When you compare against above questions, you’ll find one method that fits all. A scientific diet program.
We usually count the weight of water lost during a workout, electro thermal vibrations, running etc. as our weight. You can never lose real fat cells in good amount naturally through any other process but dieting.
WeightWonder diets for an example are easy, safe, natural and very scientific programs. The best thing is that you lose actual fat and you don’t tend to gain back even after the program. It’s a miraculous way of living a healthy & fit life.

Results of dieting aren’t permanent

If you think so, I understand where you’re coming from. The above statement may be true for starving/crash dieting. This can be true for generalised diet programs you usually find online too. Not for a custom scientific diet program.
A scientific diet like WeightWonder doesn’t starve your body and makes you lose weight naturally
You’re given a calculated custom diet plan and it’s improved daily based on your inputs. The diet along with WeightWonder herbal diet drops induce metabolic weight loss. Your body metabolises the stubborn fat to convert to calories and get energy. The diets are designed to supply you with required nutrition along with all the energy needs. It brings amazing results and change your perceptions for the food.
After the program, you’re switched back to normal meals and you never tend to gain fat if you know your food well.

Fat makes you fat

This is the biggest myth amongst major mass of people. Ladies and gentleman, fat is not responsible for you to be fat.
Refined grains in burgers, noodles, samosas, kachoris and sugar in aerated drinks, canned drinks, fruit juices are the real culprits. Please, don’t fall for their fascinating marketing gimmicks.
Nowadays, everyone tries to avoid Ghee, Butter, Virgin oils considering them unhealthy. This is NOT true. These fat sources provide you good cholesterol which is always required.
Always try to incorporate good fat in regulated quantities into your meal e.g. ghee, butter, coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil into your diet.
On a contrary, people choose diet Chiwda, biscuits, baked chips, corn-flakes, muesli etc all laced with sugar, sodium & processed oils. These are not at all good for your health and neither for your weight.