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In India, we love monsoons. After fiery hot summers, monsoon is a bliss.
While you enjoy the sprinkles of rain with pakoras and chai, you must know how to stay away from diseases. Here are 8 mantras for staying fit & healthy in rainy season.

Avoid cold or Raw food

Raw Fruits and vegetables are the major source of microbes. And since your gut is also prone to infections during monsoon, you should avoid raw and cold food. If you have to, make sure you clean them using vegetable/fruit sanitisers or salt and vinegar water.


Keep yourself dry

Getting drenched in the rain can definitely be fun at times. But, keeping yourself wet lowers your body temperature and increases the chances of bacterial and viral invasion. So always carry an umbrella or a raincoat to prevent getting wet in the rain.


Trust your spices

In India, we’re lucky to have loads of spices and those are our hidden secrets. Herbal tea with ginger, tulsi, cinnamon or cardamom etc. is a smart way to boost your immune system and fight infections like flu, cold and headache. Coffee and tea are diuretics and lead to dehydration. You should avoid them during monsoon. Spiced herbal tea is the best way to keep yourself warm as well as hydrated during monsoon. Also use spices like turmeric, star anise, ajwain(caraway), black pepper etc in your food.


Wear cotton clothes

Cotton clothes are the best fabric for monsoons. It doesn’t stick to your body, it dries up quick and doesn’t hold water. Your body breathes well in cotton which makes it a comfortable and desirable choice.


Don’t stop exercising

We always have an excuse more than a reason for not going to gym or exercising while it’s raining. That’s not done.
Due to it’s raining outside, we already do less physical activities in our daily life. You go to a gym or not, you usually exercise or not, doesn’t matter. You must do some yoga or at least something like 7-minute exercises to keep yourself fit.


Eat bitter vegetables

Vegetables like bitter gourd, teasel gourd, fenugreek leaves have good amount of antioxidants. Seasonal & fresh vegetables help you deal with low immune system during monsoons.


Avoid milk, fish and fruits

Milk during monsoons is at a high risk of spreading infections as it has germs and bacterias. Since it is a good source of proteins for vegetarians, you can consume in the form of curd.
Fish is a great source of protein and omega fatty acids but avoiding fish during monsoon is a wise decision. During monsoon, fishes generally are in muddy and sewage water. When they come out of the water they still hold lot of pollutants which may be a source of infection for us.


Stay Hydrated

Yes, that’s correct. In monsoons while it’s water everywhere, we tend to take less water than usual. It’s important to keep taking enough water at regular intervals to avoid dehydration.Make sure, you boil and filter water before drinking in rainy season.