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WeightWonder™ PLUS

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Looking for some personalised help & motivation for weight loss, this is the program for you. Free support, consultation & free post-program support included till 2 months.

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WeightWonder is a safe, effective & sustainable weight loss program. During the program, you tend to achieve your target weight fast yet naturally. What makes WeightWonder the best and most reliable weight loss method is its sustainability even after your program. Any WW program has multiple phases and different diets/practices in every phase. Different phases are scientifically designed after research are required to be completed in a defined order for good and lasting results.

WeightWonder is not just a weight management program but a lifestyle towards a healthier body and happier mind. WW programs are known to help a lot in different clinical complexities apart from just weight loss.

For Indian nationals

This program is customised based on Indian local food habits, availability, weather conditions and Indian physiologies. Also, customisations are done according to every individual.

For foreign nationals

Customised diet options according to your localisation and physiology.


72 Days


  • WeightWonder program kit (which includes WW diet drops & supported products)
  • Daily monitoring & record keeping
  • Bi-weekly course corrections
  • Weekly doctor consultation
  • Dedicated mentor support
Support work hours
  • Weekdays
    • 9:30 am to 6:30 pm IST
  • Saturdays
    • 10 am to 3:30 pm IST
  • Sundays
    • Weekly off

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27 reviews for WeightWonder™ PLUS

  1. Aditi Litoria

    I couldn’t believe my eyes going down by almost 300-400 gm every day which kept me enthusiastic throughout the session. Thanks to the whole team of Weightwonder.

  2. Anju Singh

    After joining Weightwonder, I smoothly lost 17 kgs in 2 sessions. I am feeling so happy that I could achieve my desire to wear clothes which I have been longing for.

  3. Veenu Majarde

    WeightWonder is terrific. I would strongly recommend others also to join it and achieve their weight loss goal.

  4. Neetu Singh

    Being a thyroid patient, I believed that I will not be able to push down my weight. But post-WeightWonder programme, I am feeling so light and happy now.

  5. Priyanshi

    An amazing journey from 96 to 78kgs in 45 days. I am quite happy with the results and that too in a very shorter period of time, without any side effects.

  6. Sajal Patidar

    The programme was really amazing and hard working. But the results made me really happy and satisfied.

  7. Deepika Raikwar

    No words. Just feeling awesome!!!

  8. Shalu Chelani

    I have been to many gyms, dietitians, yoga classes even VLCC and never get the result.Here at weight wonder, I lost 8.5 kgs effortlessly in 30 days.Thanks to weight wonder team.

  9. Rashmi Nagrikar

    I’m feeling really happy post weight loss. I lost 10 kg and oodles of inches and best part is I can wear all my old clothes which I couldn’t wear earlier.

  10. Divya Assudani

    WeightWonder is a very good programme to lose the huge amount of weight. I am very happy and satisfied with the whole plan.

  11. N. Khare

    Weightwonder was my last effort to lose weight. I joined this ‘’WeightWonder programme’’ and lost 14 kgs in a span of 2 months.

  12. Anupam Goyal

    As this treatment, rather I say this diet and lifestyle very loveable. Bas itna kehna hai ek nai life, ek nai soch,ek nai style mili jeene ki.

  13. Vinita Tomar

    Bahut hi sundar experience raha WeightWonder ke saath. Maine 2 sessions mein 24 kg ghataaye hain. Ab bahut halka mehsus karti hoon andar se.

  14. Zeenat Ali

    Very nice, Excellent result. I am 100% satisfied with the programme. I lost 18 Kgs in 1 session.

  15. Rashmi Sharma

    I lost 14 kgs in 1 session of WeightWonder programme. I am really thankful to Weightwonder team for this.

  16. Bhagyashree Rathore

    I lost 18 kgs, now when people see me, they say amazing and I say not amazing its “WeightWonder” Thanks a lot to WeightWonder.

  17. Smita Trivedi

    I lost 8 kgs and 9 inches overall in 4 weeks and gained the immense level of confidence Post programme. Strongly recommend WW programme.

  18. Archana Pandey

    I lost 11 kgs in 4 weeks. I am so so happy and feel so confident about myself. I feel more energetic too now. Thank you WeightWonder for helping me.

  19. Garima Maheshwari

    I lost 14 kgs in 8 weeks. Post weight loss they give us stabilisation support in order to stabilise it and also they gradually take you to the natural diet

  20. Babita Sahu

    I lost 16 kgs and many inches in 5 weeks. With WW programme, it was so easy for me to do this and it happened to me in just 1 month time.

  21. Amreen Hashmi

    I lost 14 kgs in just 40 days with WW programme and immensely happy and content the way I have started looking now.

  22. Shubha Dwasha

    I lost 17.5 kgs in 5 weeks. I am so happy to join WW programme at a perfect time.

  23. Dropda Palasia

    I lost 28.2 kgs in 9 weeks. Losing weight at this old age seemed to be an impossible task since I had knee issues. I strongly recommend this to everyone who needs it.

  24. Ritu Balchandani

    I lost 19.6 kgs in 8 weeks. All my knee and ankle pain is gone now. Thank you so much weight wonder for giving me a new painless life.

  25. Amrita Tople

    I lost 33 kgs in 16 weeks (2 sessions) regardless of my hypothyroidism. Before WW, It seemed impossible to lose weight. I must say, it’s a life-changing transformation.

  26. Savita Choudhary

    I Lost 25.3 kgs in 60 days. Being a makeup artist I need to look fit and beautiful, WW has helped me in achieving my goal. I am so so happy with it.

  27. Nidhi Srivastava

    I lost 25.6 Kgs in 2 sessions. I am really happy with the results and feel really happy and confident about myself. Thank you so much WeightWonder.

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